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Contact: Amy and Cathy

Sydney New South Wales

1300 130313
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Dance till you Drop (DTYD) provide structured dance programs for Primary Schools, Preschools and Vacation Care's. DTYD employ professional dance instructors to ensure the classes are fun, educational, and dynamic for the students and teachers.

For primary schools they follow the PDHPE Syllabus and can work on routine to suit your goal, or you can use their set structured program. At dance till you Drop we offer 2 options, both which will cover the PDHPE syllabus of dance.

1. 5 or 9 week program. This is a set program where we do 2 or 4 weeks of jazz (core subject) in which students improve the basics of dance. Then you choose the extension subjects for the following weeks. See “5 or 9 week program subjects” below.

2. Choose your own. In this option schools inform us of their dance goal and we work to achieve this. For example; a FULL school dance routine, A kindergarten Christmas dance, an infant and primary dance group, school cultural concert and so on.

Staff: All our staff are Working with Children Checked, experienced dancers and dance teachers, and have worked with children for many years. We believe that good dancers don’t always make good teachers. So our staff are carefully selected and well informed of our high expectations.

Costs: Costs vary, so it is best to contact us with details such as goals, number of students and time frame. We recommend two classes combined for a 45 minutes session for the best cost effective option.

Class structure: • Our classes begin with a warm up. In our warm up we work on rhythm and coordination without the students even knowing it. We have movement rhythms which teach the children to listen to the music and automatically pick up the rhythm, melodies, and beats.

• Then we have the rotating option of: stretches, progressions, fitness. These will rotate from week to week to broaden the knowledge of movement and fitness.

• Choreography. We will then begin the choreography section of the lesson. depending on your program option and goal this will be extended from week to week. Or new choreography will be devised each session. 5 or 9 Week Program Extension Subjects: Jazz is the “core” subject in your 5/9 week program which will run for 2-4 weeks. Then you choose the subjects for the following weeks of the program.

The options are: • Hip Hop • Partner Dance • Salsa • Bollywood • Belly dance • Character dance/Musical Theatre • Performance We have found that these subjects amazingly broaden the students’ dance knowledge, whether it be culturally (Belly dancing, Bollywood, Salsa), confidence (Performance, Character/Musical Theatre) or modern style (Hip Hop, Partner Dance). Many students otherwise would not get a chance to experience such a broad range of dance styles.

Why Dance till you Drop? We are keen and motivated. We have experienced children learning, performing and growing with our dance programs, and we love to be part of their growth. We are knowledgeable and professional, this is what we do and we love to do it so well.

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