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Van Leucia

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Canley Vale New South Wales


Van Leucia is equal parts professional musical entertainer and recording producer, amongst a host of other services.

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´The progression of belief is the regression of hope, as the knowledge of reality is the denial of possibility´ An engaging young multi-instrumentalist of charismatic quality, Van was considered a child prodigy, having performed on his principal instrument, the piano, internationally and won local and state championships from the age of 6.

He has also been invited to Vienna for master-classes and was awarded the Audience Prize amongst 24 other selected pianists across the world at the age of 12. Seeking experience in other areas of music, Van found a love for ensemble-work and accompaniment, and thus paved a new path in which he could use his skills in performance, improvisation and musicology. With a penchant for informed versatility, Van has found intense interest in such exotic genres as Indian raga, Japanese/Chinese folk music and Spanish flamenco.

Trained at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and undertaking a degree in Performance and Accompaniment (having been taught by such greats as Paul Rickard-Ford, Judy Bailey, Gerard Willems, Warren Thomson, Phillip Shovk and David Miller), Van found little trouble with stretching his barriers beyond that realm of solo stage performance in classical piano and guitar. Upon finding complete satisfaction in progressive music (metal and rock being the main instigators), Van Leucia thus chose to use his experiences in classical music, jazz, flamenco and metal to harmonize them as an evolving whole.

His influences draw from Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment, Opeth, Protest the Hero, Nightwish, Epica, John Mayer, Killswitch Engage, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Paco Pena, Paco de Lucia and many others.

Van also works as a session musician, having work experience with artists like Sydney-based International DJ/Producer Royaal (with names like Gotye, Kelly Rowland, Christal Waters and Kellam Glover under his session belt) amongst a host of other indie artists in both performance and production. Visit the website for more information!

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