Travelbugs Mobile Mini-beasts

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Blackheath Street Blackheath Street, The Ponds 2785, New South Wales

(02) 4787 -6362
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Ideal for Schools (K-12), Pre-schools, Kid's parties, Library and Council activities, Vacation Care and OOSH centres, festivals, fetes, expos, in-store exhibitions and more.

Travelbugs Mobile Mini-beasts is a fun 'hands-on' mobile education service that travels all over NSW (and beyond) educating people of all ages about the benefits and wonders of invertebrates or 'mini-beasts' (insects, spiders, snails, millipedes etc) within our environment.

Every workshop includes a hands-on mini-beast experience not to be forgotten! Live mini-beasts brought along include large and colourful stick insects, centipedes, millipedes, giant burrowing cockroaches, preying mantis, spiders, scorpions, beetles, caterpillars and more. A large collection of over 200 specimens of preserved mini-beasts or biofacts are also brought along including cocoons, eggs, eggs cases, skins, preserved insects etc.

Travelbugs Mobile Mini-beasts also offers services to the media and has featured on several popular television programs in Australia such as Creature Features, Gardening Australia, Play School, Burke's Backyard, Sunrise and Better Homes & Gardens.

Let us bring the mini-beasts to you! We come to your school and conduct a fun, interactive workshop on the importance of 'mini-beasts' and their life cycles within food webs, ecosystems, agriculture, forestry, medicine, etc. Questions on 'mini-beasts' & everything entomological will be answered!

Call or email us for more info or visit our website! Want to see more pictures of our awesome mini-beasts and exhibitions? Check out our Facebook page!



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