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Contact: David Adams

Guildford New South Wales

02 8246 3428

We do it with a passion!

General info

Prestige Wedding Entertainment are your Wedding experts with plenty of experience. Our only focus is on our Weddings and giving our brides and grooms a high standard of service. We will not double book an event. Your Wedding DJ or MC will be dedicated to your Wedding to ensure your special day will be remembered for all the right reasons leaving your guests with a positive experience. We have been in the Wedding industry over the last 20 years and all our DJs have a minimum of 5 years of experience in Weddings with MCs having upwards of 10 years in experience.

Everyone wants their wedding to be a stellar success. They want the food to be great, the ceremony to be perfect, and the décor to be eye-catching. Many couples forget the importance of the right music. They don’t realise how music helps set the mood and create the right vibe at the wedding. They either play a pre-recorded playlist on the music system of the venue or hire a lacklustre DJ. Unfortunately, that creates a dull and mundane environment. Guests quickly become bored and the wedding becomes forgettable.

You can avoid this buy getting the right wedding DJ for hire. At Prestige Wedding Entertainment, we have professionals with over 5 years of experience. They will ensure your wedding is entertaining and memorable. Here are some reasons why you should hire us:


  • Experience- We have over 20 years of experience in this industry and understand how weddings work. Unlike other DJ companies, we don’t consider playing at weddings a chore. We understand that we’re a part of something special and treat the occasion with the respect that it deserves. That’s one of the reasons why our wedding DJ for hire services are much sought-after.


  • Reliability –Our DJs are very reliable. Once they’ve agreed to take up the job, they don’t back down or cancel unless there’s an emergency. You can always trust that they’ll show up at the wedding on time and be well-prepared. While our DJs are very friendly and youthful, they’re also very professional. They work hard to ensure your wedding is an absolute success and everyone enjoys the music.


  • Communication –Planning a wedding can be very stressful but if you’re aware of how things are progressing, you can relax a little. Our DJs are aware of that and will communicate regularly with you. During the first few meetings, they’ll try to understand what kind of music you want and what kind of vibe you want to create. They will also make note of all of your favourite pieces. Once they have all the information they need, they’ll sit down to make a playlist. While they’re creating a playlist, they will keep you informed about the progress.


  • Knowledge of Music- Our DJs are passionate about music and use every opportunity to learn more about them. Unlike some DJs, they’re not fixated on one particular genre. They’re versatile and constantly explore the world of music. That means they can play almost anything and can also fulfil on-the-spot requests from your guests.


  • Reading the Audience- Our DJs can gauge the vibe of the room. If the audiences don’t appear to be interested, they will change the songs and the music and bring life to the party. They also communicate with the audience on the floor, keeping them on their feet and energetic.
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Opening hours

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