Bingo Jack Magic

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Contact: Bingo Jack (John Burgess)

Wynn Vale South Australia

0417 825 576

Magician for hire

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Adelaide Magician Bingo Jack’s gentle approach is proven to please, entertain, amaze and amuse.


Whilst specialising in kid’s magic shows and birthday party magic for all ages, Bingo Jack can also provide children’s magic shows for schools, pre-schools, clubs and charities.


Bingo Jack also has a series of specially developed educational children’s magic shows for pre-schoolers.  These magic shows allow children to learn as they have fun.

The options don’t stop there, if you have an event for any age, don’t be afraid to call and have a chat about what Adelaide Magician Bingo Jack can do for you.  Magician for hire, Bingo Jack is glad to be here and hopes to hear from you soon!!



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