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Central Coast New South Wales

General info

At 16 Daniel decided to leave school and take music more seriously, auditioning for various tv shows from 16 to 24 Australian Idol, X Factor and The Voice. Never seeming to get anywhere there, in between the shows Daniel continued writing and demoing and getting his name out there. Performing at various Gay Night clubs Taxi Club, Darlinghurst Sydney, and Krave Wyong. In 2009, Daniel created his first YouTube account to promote his music to the world, leaving it sit there while he was writing in 2011 he released his stuff to the world and since then he had collected over 10,500 views. With eps including, Here To Stay, Famous and Dance for me. Since Daniel has started a whole new page, cleaning YouTube of his older material.

Then came Famous, which was highly acclaimed and featured 3 tracks with Mac D, a new found rapper and Daniel's Cousin. Daniels alter ego took over from that stage "DT". The ep also had two solo tracks from Daniel. Now back to work, on two different projects, Daniel is set to release his his Cover Album "Covered (raised by the radio) set for release 2013/14.

The single "You're Wondering Now" being sent to airwaves, next week and buzz growing on social media. It's set to be one project not to look over or back on. In his years of writing from age 12 til now Daniel has written over 500 songs, recorded and put together an array of covers and original pieces. Supports and is a spokes person for No H8 Australia, anti Gay bullying campaign, he has written tracks for this cause, a song to help reach out to the Cyclone Yasi Victims in Queensland. Still writing the New Year looks to be bright for Daniel and his career.

2013 so far embarks the mark on the map. With his debut single You're Wondering Now getting air play in Canada NZ and Australia. The album "Covered (Raised by the radio) Volume One being recorded with Lana Lyric from ReWired Studios parramatta, set for release Nov/Dec, will feature a various range of covers, tributes to idols and original music too.

Daniel Turner - #YoureWonderingNow DEBUT SINGLE http://youtu.be/_HwLW-3QXhA



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