'Talent in your town plus Amusements' is firstly & foremost an Australian Founded & Owned Entertainment Directory! We also accept Mobile Food, Photography, Wedding Expo & Adventure Businesses including Boat Cruises. We are NOT AN AGENT or AGENCY. However we do our best to get all our Members work by advertising our Entertainment Directory through many outlets as per HOME page.

There is Free Basic, Premium Featured registration. Premium Featured registration lasts for 12 months from date of payment. For all round safety we deal only with PayPal as they are still the safest way in doing business over the internet.

There are NO BUMP UP FEES or similar. PLUS you do not have to compete against other Entertainers/Amusements/Businesses by paying extra fees to get to the top of the list.

'Talent in your town plus Amusements' is based on two main concepts, LOCATION & CATEGORY. No two things are more important. These two words sum up the whole concept of this business. The public & organizations can easily locate the Entertainment that they require by using the 'Pink Search Here' area at the top of the page.

Premium Featured Listing Registration is for those Entertainers, Bands & Businesses who want the best chance of being noticed before their competitors. Talent In Your Town plus Amusements has a large advertising campaign with many sites (as per HOME page), as well as a large growing Australian Facebook audience which is a great tool to promote our Premium Featured Listings throughout Australia. If you have a Business Facebook page, then Premium Featured Listing Registration is highly recommended but not essential.  We also have a Donation button on our site for those free registrations which may like to contribute to the costs of our advertising and for the growing of our business if they feel so fit.

Besides what is listed on our Premium Featured Package our large Australian Facebook audience becomes yours, saving you huge dollars in advertising. PLUS: Premium Featured Listings receive placement of their logo/photo on the ‘slide roll’ as well as being highlighted in pink before any free listing.

Premium Featured Listings who have a Facebook page are linked to our Facebook page & their posts, including those that have details of the hirer, shared in accordance with (IAW) Talent In Your Town plus Amusements & Facebook Terms & Conditions. No post will be shared if a non member of Talent In Your Town plus Amusements is mentioned. That is businesses, bands, entertainers etc that could register on our Entertainment Directory.

It is recommended to get the most benefit from our Directory is to have a separate page for each business location so that anyone can easily find your details by their postcode no matter where they live in Australia.

Registered Listings may have up to six (6) Listings/Pages on our Entertainment Directory using the same email address in accordance with our websites Terms & Conditions. For example, each Listing/Page must have a different name and/or postcode. Total of six (6) maximum. This is for those Entertainers, Bands & Businesses that work under a different name or at a different location regularly.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you register on www.TalentInYourTown.com.au your details will remain until removed by you or Management. Premium Featured Listings automatically return to a Free Listing if renewal fee is not paid. So there is no need to re-register. All Listings have complete power over inputting, updating & modifying the information that is displayed on their page. This information can be changed as often as you like, you are in control of your publicity on Talent In Your Town plus Amusements. So please remember your username/password.

The Management of Talent In Your Town plus Amusements will do regular checks to see if all Listings are current.

If by chance you are not computer literate and would like to register with us just send an email through our CONTACT link and we will do our best in helping you out.

Please note that all stats/clicks on Listed pages restarted mid- October, 2015 due to upgrade of website Directory.


FOR YOUR INFORMATION - you do not need to have a website or Facebook page to join. For those people who haven't you can use the page provided for you on this website as YOUR website.